From the Frontier of F$cked

Or: Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty Off the Wall in the First Place

What does Charlie Wilson have to do with dry rot? What about Jim Jordan and Tajikistan? MAGAites, fungus, and the Taliban??!! What the hell am I talking about? I don’t even know, but I’m feeling very irritable and hostile about the corrupt, rotting parts of our government. I’m especially crabby because one of the best ways available to encourage the government to unfuck itself is to spend time and money paying attention to what it’s up to. So I responded to a text pitch from Jaime Harrison, former (unsuccessful) opponent of Lindsey Graham and current chair of the Democratic Party…

Fine. Everybody’s a poca madre culture critic and has a think piece about Bridgerton. I’ll jump on the bloody damn band wagon. Sheesh. CN: many swearing, very curse, such crass. wow.

Adjoa Andoh ruling the side eye

In sum: if you accept it’s basically no different than Beauty and the Beast or Star Trek, and you like heteronormative romance, it’s pretty fabulous. It’s also fucked up. Unfucking fantasy, particularly if it’s fantasy about fucking isn’t easy. If you don’t know Regency romances are about as reality-based as Lord of the Rings, and just as imperialist, then what the devil are you even doing? Just slag off…

tweet string by @DonovanFarley 8/26/2020

Dear Mayor Wheeler

What is wrong with you? Why do I, a voter and taxpayer, even have to ask?

Portlanders of all races and genders have taken to the streets for 88 straight nights to demand police accountability, an end to government-sanctioned brutality against African Americans, and investment in non-violent interventions to address the root causes of social unrest and crime. I’m having a hard time seeing how you would consider those goals objectionable and unleash chemical warfare and paramilitary thugs on the people asking for such changes.

There’s no way you’re clueless about what Portland Police Bureau is doing…

A pint of gelato in the Bird Plague Mask that my kids don’t want to be seen with me wearing

Things upon which I have spent money in the past week.

A pint of coconut lime gelato from the local gelato coffeeshop, run by two brothers out of a tiny store front in my neighborhood.

Books for me and my kids, from one of the local independent bookstores.

Memberships at the Oregon Zoo and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, both of which are closed to visitors, but still feeding the critters.

Sara Gideon’s campaign for Senator from Maine, running to replace toxic gaslighting hellspawn Susan Collins.

Given that I have the economic privilege to actually spend money, you’d think I’d feel…

Picture of Elizabeth Warren from her Twitter feed — 2 babies and the 1000 yard stare

Two things taking up a lot of my time and mental energy lately have been Harry Potter and my dead parents. My youngest kid is in a Harry Potter phase and my dining room, attic, and bed room are stacked with my parents’ books, letters, sheet music, poetry, and miscellaneous ephemera that I’m trying like the devil to consolidate. And this is a picture of Elizabeth Warren, looking like a normal, stressed out mom. I’m not thinking much about Warren because 1) there’s only so much room in my brain after Harry, Dad, Mom, my job, kid doctor appointments, and…

Family Forward Staff and Supporters at the Oregon Legislature in 2019

This is the story of the Little Non-Profit that Could, and the Mamas Who Took No Shit (but had to wade through a lot of it).

Once upon a time in Oregon there were some women with tiny kids. They got to know each other and started comparing notes. Raising kids, who need to eat (frequently from their mothers’ actual bodies), get sick, need to go to the doctor, and can’t be left alone is hard. Gratuitously hard, even. It’s almost like we live in a society that doesn’t acknowledge adults, including parents, work outside the home and in settings…

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